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Forget Starters and Mains, Grab your Favourite Dessert E-liquid Here!

For those who never dream of skipping dessert, satisfy your craving for sweet and delicious desserts with our range of dessert flavour e-liquid!

Dessert e-liquid offers guilt free indulgence so you can enjoy the taste of sweet treats without piling on the pounds!

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From: £7.99£3.50

Whatever your taste or preference you will find the perfect dessert e-juice for you.

Our range of decadent dessert e-juice includes some traditional ice cream flavours such as the Twister and screwball bubblegum ice cream as well as other popular desserts such as jam roly poly, butterscotch custard, lemon meringue and custard supreme.

The Joe's Juice dessert e-juice range is available in both 100ml and 50ml options and can be tailored to your specific requirements using our VG Shots or 8mg Nic Shots if nicotine is required.