Jonesvilles Juice

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Get Quenched with Jonesvilles Juice!

Jonesvilles Juice is here to freshen up your taste buds with a fruity range of delicious fizzy drink e liquids. Choose from 5 different mouth-watering flavours, all bursting with fruity flavour.

Jonesvilles Juice Fizzy Drink E Liquids

All of our Jonesvilles Juice e liquids are available in both 100ml and 200ml. Grab yours today!

Berryaid: We’re feeling purple with this one! Berryaid is a delicious mix of Grape, Raspberry and Blackcurrant flavours that will have you wanting more!

Cherrola: A match made in heaven, Cherrola is the perfect combo of classic cherry and cola. Who could ask for more?

Greenaid: Feel energized with Greenaid. We’ve put your favourite green energy drink into a vape!

Lemonaid: Get fizzy with Lemonaid. The sweet tangy lemon flavours will leave you feeling super refreshed but wanting more.

Pinklem: On Wednesday’s we vape Pinklem. Enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of pink lemonade; it is super refreshing and the perfect all-day vape.