Premium E-Liquids

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E-liquids available at Joe’s Juice come in a range of flavours and sizes. Browse our collection of Joe’s Juice premium e-liquids from Cold Finger and Crème Kong to our very own range of Shortfills. Find your next favourite premium e-liquid which you can mix (or not) with Nic Shots to create an all-day great vape that’s perfect for you.

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What is an E-liquid?

E-liquid is the name given to the liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes. E-liquid goes by other names such as vape juice, e-juice and vape liquid. The liquid is essentially heated up and turned into an aerosol which can then be inhaled.

Here at Joe’s Juice we’re proud to have our very own line of premium e-liquids that are manufactured and sold, right here in the UK.

Want to learn more about e-liquids? Check out our handy guide; E-liquids Explained! 50/50, Short Fills and Concentrate or head over to our blog for more e-liquid insights.

What are E-liquids made of?

E-liquids are commonly made using propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine (PG and VG), flavourings and sometimes nicotine.

Our main e-liquid collection is all nicotine free, so you can add your own levels of nicotine from our Nic Shots collection, to create your perfect e-liquid.

We use a range of flavourings in our e-liquids to create unique e-liquid flavours you can enjoy time and time again.

Some e-liquid flavours which may be reminiscent of your favourite childhood dessert or they could be something new and refreshing.

Why choose E-liquids over cigarettes

We’re not just saying this because we sell e-liquids but there is actual evidence that e-liquids can be a better option than smoking traditional cigarettes.

With anything, there are of course pros and cons to smoking e-liquids, but we believe they can provide a great stepping stone to those who already smoke cigarettes, into quitting for good.

How long does E-liquid last?

Depending on the size of e-liquid you purchase, this will impact how long your e-liquid will last. Commonly, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid will last around one week, where as a 30ml bottle of e-liquid may last up to 3 weeks.

The length of your e-liquid does however depend on other factors such as the frequency in which you smoke and temperature used.

How to store E-liquids

To keep your e-liquids as fresh as possible, there are several options you can choose to ensure your e-liquids stay fresh for weeks and even months to come.

First off, store your e-liquids in a dark, cool place and keep away from direct sunlight. You can even choose to keep your e-liquids in its original packaging to keep them protected should they be left on a near a window or hot place. This is also a good option for e-liquids that haven’t been opened.

For opened e-liquids, keeping them in the fridge overnight can ensure the longevity of flavour. This will also help with their overall shelf life, so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids for longer.