5 Budget-Friendly Vaping Tips

budget friendly vaping

Are you looking for some budget-friendly vaping tips? Vaping can prove to be costly sometimes, however it is possible to be budget-friendly in your choices when purchasing vapes, e-liquids and accessories. In this blog, we lay out five ways to approach vaping whilst being frugal.

Tip #1: Ditching Disposables

Disposables have been the most common vape device you would see out in public, this is because they are the most low-maintenance and portable device out in the market. They are designed to be vaped straight out of their packaging and then once they’re done they can be disposed of. 

Disposables may sound great in theory, however, they do come with a couple of downsides. The first big downside is the ecological impact, they are not easily recyclable. They contain lithium-ion batteries which need to be detached and recycled separately as well as their plastic body.

Another downside would be that they are not a budget friendly vaping option in the long-run. They may seem cheap upfront by costing around £6 on average, however once that accumulates throughout time depending on your nicotine intake it does not prove to be budget-friendly.

Tip #2: Investing in a Vape Kit

A vape kit may seem like it costs more than a disposable, but it will drastically reduce your cost drastically over-time compared to vaping disposables. The most you will have to spend on a vape kit is when you first purchase it, afterwards, your outgoing costs will be spent on replacement coils and e-liquids. 

There are different types of vape kits, so there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your preferences. These are the different types of vape kits you would find: 

Pod Kits & Basic Starter Kits 

These kits are ideal for newbies and vapers who are looking for low-maintenance, kits and simple devices. You can find some of these kits to be wallet-friendly. As when the e-liquid runs out you can simply refill them instead of purchasing a new one. The only ongoing costs will be purchasing replacement pods/coils and e-liquids which still come out cheaper than disposables.

As these vape kits are created for beginners, they come pre-filled with e-liquids. They can contain freebase nicotine that comes with 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg of nicotine. They can also come in the form of nicotine salts with 5mg, 10mg, 20mg of nicotine. This gives you full control over your nicotine intake. This is also a great option for vapers wanting to steer away from disposables. 

The only downside to these vapes is that if the device battery were to become damaged, it would mean purchasing a new kit as these devices have internal, non-removable batteries.

These kits can serve as a stepping stone towards more advanced vape setups once you have weaned down your nicotine intake.

Advanced Vape Kits & Mods

These kits are the optimal long-term solution for those who have become advanced vapers with a low nicotine intake. These kits are not the best for new vapers as they predominantly use shortfills, which could be difficult to add nicotine in those e-liquids.

Unlike the pod and starter kits, these kits use external batteries that can be recharged and replaced. However, they do cost more upfront as you will have to purchase batteries and battery charger separately. This is still significantly cheaper than disposables long-term. 

Most mods you will find would be compatible with standard tanks, so there is no stress of finding a specific model. You are able to replace your tank easily when needed.

The best part about these kits is that they are easily customisable! This means that if your tank gets old or faulty, or if you fancy adjusting your airflow or you are not a fan of your tank’s functionality; you can simply replace the tank instead of the whole device.

Tip #3: Using Mouth-To-Lung Devices

Mouth-to-lung devices are a more budget-friendly vaping option when compared to direct-to-lung devices. You will find that DTL devices cost more than MTLs, this is because they are more powerful. 

As DTLs are more powerful,  you would have to purchase more batteries and/or a battery charger. This will lead to more money spent on ongoing costs. However, with an MTL you would find that you would not have to purchase as many batteries.

Additionally, DTL vaping requires a lower resistance coil which tends to burn out quicker. DTL coils need to be replaced more frequently which ultimately means more money spent.

As coils regularly last approximately a month, you will find that DTL coils do not last as long as MTL coils as they use up more power. However, thankfully to new advancements in vaping technology, coils do tend to last longer than they would have when they were first introduced. 

Last point about DTL vaping, it requires more e-liquid as it burns more to produce more vapour than an MTL device would, therefore, spending more money on more e-liquids

Tip #4: Care for Coils

Another budget-friendly vaping tip is caring for your coils. Maintaining your coils will do wonders for their longevity and save you from frequently getting replacements. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Priming your coils before putting them in your tank 
  • Using the correct VG:PG ratios for your coils
  • Sticking to the manufacturers recommended wattage
  • If your device has smart mode you can turn that on and that will ensure you stay in the right range
  • Keeping the tank or pod topped up with e-liquid to prevent the coil from drying out

Tip #5: Bulk Buying E-Liquids and Coils

If you have been vaping for a while now, you would have an idea of how much e-liquid you use, what flavours you like and how many coils you go through at a time. Similar to bulk buying other products in the retail world, bulk buying e-liquids and coils have been proven to be budget-friendly. 

Buying all the e-liquids and coils you need at a particular time in the month instead of buying them every week will allow you to make use of the multi-buy deals. This will help as well by making you pay the delivery fees less frequently.

How has disposables been affecting your budget-friendly vaping lifestyle? Read more about the differences between disposables and vape kits here!

If you have any further vaping questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here as we are always happy to help 😊