Joe’s Juice’s Salt Shots and Freebase Nicotine Shots

nic salts vs freebase nicotine

What is Joe’s Juice?

We are an online vape shop based in Nottingham and we have recently opened up a shop in Sandiacre. We are one of the most admired and respected of its kind in the city and beyond. As we deliver across the UK as well as internationally, many customers trust us with all their vape needs, and we have a huge range of delicious and varied flavours for you to try out. Stocking only the best truly premium e-liquids, you can always be sure that you’ll get the very best quality with our products. That’s why Joe’s Juice is the UK’s number one leading vape provider. We offer every kind of flavour profile, from punchy and sweet to minty and fresh.

What Is The Difference Between Nic Salts & Freebase Nicotine?

There are a few important differences you may want to know about if you are looking at our range of products, and in particular most people are keen to know the difference between two of the most popular varieties of all: Nic Salts and Freebase Nicotine products. There are a few things to know, but most importantly are the following points.

nic salts

Nic Salts

Nic Salts are great for those who are looking to stop smoking or are just starting out in the world of vaping altogether. With Nic Salts, you achieve a significantly faster absorption into the bloodstream, meaning that you can get a very similar kind of nicotine hit to a cigarette but with a much lower amount of e-liquid. For that reason, this is also a good option for those on a budget who are looking to spend a little less. However, it’s slightly costlier by volume, so it depends how much you buy. It has a restricted cloud production.

Freebase Nicotine

This option is better for you if you are a vaper with an altogether lower need for nicotine. Compared to Nic Salts, Freebase Nicotine has a slower absorption into the bloodstream, so it’s good if you don’t need all that much. However, that does mean you would need a little more of it to get that similar cigarette-like hit. On the other hand, there is a larger cloud protection with this option, and you’ll also find that it is more affordable by volume, so if you plan on buying in bulk this could be the way to go.

Joe's Juice Nic shot 18mg

Joe’s Juice Nic Salts And Freebase Nicotine

Whether you are looking for some Nic Salts or Freebase Nicotine, you can find everything you need right here at Joe’s Juice. Because we stock only the very best in premium e-liquids, you can be sure that we are the go-to online store for either of these product ranges. We have a significant range of both Nic Salts and Freebase Nicotine TPDs, so check them out if you are thinking of making use of these this year. Our products are loved in Nottingham and beyond, and you can always expect the very highest quality every time with our products.

If you have more questions to ask us then please use the contact form below and we will be more than happy to answer any questions!