Negatives of Disposables: How Joe’s Juice Eliminates Them

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What is Joe's Juice?

Joe’s Juice first opened its doors as a major e-liquid provider based in Nottingham back in 2016. For the past six years we have provided the UK with a wide selection of premium e-liquids and vape hardware that suits all our customers whether they are just starting out with vaping or seasoned vapers. Joe’s Juice is dedicated to eliminating  the negatives of disposables as discussed below. 

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Our Just 200 Range And How it Suits all Vaping Profiles

Elf bar-like flavours, as well as a wide variety of others, are available, ensuring that your preferences and tastes are addressed. They are also affordable so you don’t have to go bankrupt when you want to use a vape.

If you’ve weaned yourself off smokes and into disposables, you may discover that using disposables on a daily basis is a costly habit. While disposable vapes are extremely convenient because they require no setup and are ready to use straight out of the box, it is expected that switching to a reusable vape can be difficult.

As there are so many different types of vape devices to choose from, it might be intimidating. If you exclusively vape disposables, you’re confining yourself to a mouth-to-lung vaping approach. You’ll also spend a lot of money each month when you may get a reusable vape kit, supplies, and vape juice for a fraction of the price.

Vape kits are small vape devices with replaceable or refillable pods. They’re simple to use and even simpler to carry around with you while travelling, hiking, or on your lunch break. Vape pens are pen-shaped vaping devices that are extremely portable and work with a variety of e-liquids. Whether you opt for a vape pod or a vape pen, the style you select is determined by your particular preferences for the shape of the vape kit.

Negatives of Disposables And How Just 200 Eliminates them

The massive attractiveness of the vaping revolution has engulfed everyone. People who want to quit smoking regard it as a sophisticated yet simple method of quitting smoking. Since then, corporations have been mass-producing disposable vape pens that are only used once.

These disposable vapes can impact the environment in a variety of ways. They produce poisonous, plastic and electrical waste. It should be enough to make us wary of utilising this product. People frequently discard the pieces with single-use plastic because the primary portions of the vape body contain plastic and harmful metals. Some components of the plastic waste are not recycled with the remainder because nicotine is present in them.

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If you care about leaving as little of an environmental footprint as possible, you should consider using rechargeable e-cigs. Instead of throwing it away when the battery runs out, you’ll charge it and keep using the same device. This not only makes rechargeable e-cigs, vape pods, and other devices more environmentally friendly but also more cost-effective. Interchangeable cartridges are also common with these devices, allowing you to experience a larger range of flavours and nicotine concentrations.

Our Just 200 range is becoming one of our best selling ranges, we’d recommend trying these juices with a vape kit over disposables. They provide a juicy flavour profile that will match any disposable flavour! Find out more about our wonderful range here! Or, if you have more questions to ask us then please use the contact form below and we will be more than happy to answer any questions!