Make Every Day Your “No Smoking Day”

Stop Smoking

National No Smoking Day was on 11th March, but if you missed it, that’s fine. Any day can be the day you stop smoking and every day can be your “no smoking day”. Here is some guidance on how to go about it.

Planning to stop smoking

Your first decision is whether you just want to grit your teeth and give up completely without using any alternative products such as ecigarettes or if you want to take the process more gently and start by giving up the smoke before going on to give up the nicotine. 

The advantage of “just giving up” is exactly that. You free yourself of all the harmful effects of both smoke and nicotine (plus you start to feel the financial benefits of non-smoking more quickly).

The disadvantage is that it can be a painful experience.

The advantage of using nicotine-replacement products such as ecigarettes is that it can make the experience less painful.

The disadvantage is that you still have to accept the damaging effects of the nicotine, plus it’ll be longer before you feel the financial benefits of non-smoking.

What to expect immediately after you stop smoking

This depends on how you go about it. If you go “all in” and just choose a day when you give up anything to do with tobacco, then you’re going to need to be prepared with withdrawal symptoms.

It’s common to feel hungry more quickly and to be irritable and anxious. You may also feel like you have a mild cold or even a severe one.

It’s a good idea to warn your nearest and dearest of your plans so they are prepared for you not to be your usual self for a week or two.

Speaking of preparation, you want to make your life as healthy as possible over the first couple of weeks of non-smoking so you might want to stock up on nutritious foods, so you give yourself every chance of eating a good diet and also drink plenty of fluids, especially water (and minimal caffeine).

Try to take as much exercise as you can, especially anything relaxing like walking, swimming and yoga and avoid driving if possible.

If, however, you switch to vape liquid and ecigarettes, then you’ll still be getting your nicotine fix, so you won’t experience any withdrawal cravings. You may, however, experience a cough, possibly accompanied by spit, as your lungs finally get to clean themselves out.

Giving up cigarettes

When you give up cigarettes, the traditional approach is to pick and day and just stop. This focuses your mind on the process and the fact that you’ve committed to it.

You can do this with ecigarettes but if you do, you’ll probably have to go through all the withdrawal symptoms you were probably hoping to avoid by switching to ecigarettes in the first place.

An alternative, which works on similar logic, is to set yourself goals for reducing the concentration of nicotine in your eliquid until you finally get it down to zero. If you like, you can still keep your vaporizer and just use it for nicotine-free fun blowing flavoured vapour clouds.

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