Unhelpful Advice for New Vapers (That you should ignore)

Unhelpful Advice for New Vapers

Giving up smoking must be one of the most common New Year’s resolutions around and the good news is that there are plenty of vaping articles filled with good advice for new vapers. So, for something a little different, this is an article with some common, and very unhelpful, pieces of advice for new vapers, plus an explanation of why you should ignore it.

Buy the most expensive vaporizer you can afford

On the face of it, this may seem fairly reasonable. After all, there’s often a link between price and quality. The issue here is that once you reach a point, you’re not really just paying for basic quality; you’re paying for added functionality.

This is absolutely fine if you’re going to use it, but if you’re new to vaping the chances are that you probably won’t. In fact, you probably won’t even understand how to use it properly.

This means that, at best, you’ll have wasted your money on functionality you’ll never use and at worst you’ll end up with a vaporizer which is so big, bulky and/or complex to work that you just won’t use it and will go back to cigarettes.

What’s more, if you do use it, you may feel hesitant to clean it in case you damage it and cleaning a vaporizer is essential to keeping it working well over the long term.

We’ve seen recently that there are some unfortunate stories of people returning to cigarettes due to recent ‘vape-related’ deaths in the US in 2019.

On this matter, we would like to say that should you be unsure about the e-liquid you’re using whether it’s our own e-liquids or not, please contact us for advice and help. For further reassurance, there have been no confirmed vaping-related deaths in the UK.

Buy e-liquids in bulk

This is another piece of advice which can seem fairly reasonable at first glance. A lot of the time there are cost-savings to be made by purchasing in bulk and this is as true of e-liquids as it is of other products.

The key point to note, however, is that the concept of cost-savings only applies if you actually use the product and while some products will store pretty much indefinitely, e-liquids have an expiry date.

Added to this, if you’re a new vaper, you’re not going to know what flavours you like, in fact, you might not even know what level of nicotine you need. In principle, you could buy a high-strength product and then reduce the potency by adding more base liquid, but in practice are you really going to do this?

If you are then you might be better to buy an e-liquid mixing kit, then you can make up exactly what you need when you need it.

What’s more, e-liquids need to be stored with great care, not just to preserve their usefulness, but to prevent them from being accessed by young children or animals. This is very important as nicotine can quite literally be deadly to them.

Ignore brands, everything is basically just the same

To be fair, there are a lot of areas in life where “branded products” really are just about the prestige of the name, but vaping is not one of them. Buying reputable brands from legitimate retailers is your guarantee of quality standards (and in the case of vaporizers, after-sales support if you need it). Take this protection very seriously and consider it worth the price.

Browse our e-liquids for a range of flavours or check out our blog for more vaping guides and news! You can also get in touch if you have any questions.

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