Common Vaping Problems & How To Deal With Them

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Vapes are very low tech, but they are still tech and as such they may create a few “technical challenges”. Fortunately there are also solutions for them. Here are a few issues you might encounter – and how to deal with them.

Major popping sounds

The key word in that heading is “major”. E-liquid has to be heated to work so it’s perfectly normal to hear a bit of gurgling. You can think of it as being like a covered pan of water, only on a much smaller scale.

If, however, you start to hear serious popping and fizzing, then the likeliest cause is that you’ve overfilled your tank.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, check that everything in your vape is seated in the right places and that nothing has worn out.

Check the rubber o-rings/grommets particularly carefully as they can let in air bubbles, unless they’re in good condition and in the right place. Also check your coil as it could be worn out.

Lack of vapour

If you get no vapour at all by far the most likely reason is that there is insufficient battery and there are two main reasons for this. One is that the battery isn’t charged properly (or is not holding charge) and the other is that you have not switched on the device properly.

If you’ve bought a pre-loved vape (or you bought one new but it’s now getting on a bit) then remember that batteries do wear out in the same way as other components. Sometimes they need to be replaced and there isn’t necessarily a great deal of advanced warning about this, particularly not with Lithium Ion batteries.

In general, also remember that batteries can be impacted by the ambient conditions, especially cold weather which can shorten their life significantly.

If you have a new vape (meaning one which is new to you), then you may just need to learn the right sequence of presses to make it work the way you intended.

If none of that works, then remove the clearomizer from the top of your vape and you should see the “firing pin”, which is basically a pin which is designed to connect with the clearomizer.

If this is out of position, then the connection won’t happen and your vape won’t work so use a small screwdriver to maneuver it gently into the right place.

If your vape is producing vapour, but not enough for your liking, then the two most-probably causes are that you are using an eliquid which is designed for flavour rather than vapour (one which is based on Propylene Glycol rather than Vegetable Glycerin) and/or you are using a vape with limited power.

If none of that is the case, then your vape may just need a really good clean.

Burnt-tasting vapour

This is something to do with your tank or your coil. Make sure that your tank has enough eliquid in it and remember to let your tank sit for a couple of minutes after you refill it so the wick can soak it up.

If that doesn’t solve the problem then the chances are that you need to give your coil a good clean or even replace it.

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