How to Cope on Long Distance Flights without your Vape

vaping and flying

The bad news is that vaping on planes is probably unlikely to be allowed any time soon, if ever. Planes have air conditioning, which basically means that the same air is recycled again and again for the entire course of the flight.

In other words, if airlines allowed vaping, non-vapers would end up breathing in some of the vapour, and that could potentially set up a situation for airlines to be sued. The good news is that a bit of advanced planning can see you through even a long-distance flight without your vape.

Check if your vape is actually allowed in your hand luggage

By check, we mean check as close to departure as you possibly can, especially if you are only planning on taking hand luggage. Airlines can and do change their rules about pretty much anything and everything especially when it comes to luggage in general and hand luggage in particular.

If your vape isn’t allowed in your hand luggage then you may want to have an advance plan for picking one up at your destination, just in case your main luggage doesn’t arrive as it should (or you don’t want to pack a bag).

Remember that eliquid is a liquid and hence will need to be taken through security as such.

Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to vape before you fly

If you’re going on a long-distance flight, then it’s odds on that you’re leaving from a larger airport, which means there will probably be some kind of smoking area on the flight side. Again, this is something you will need to check.

If you’re travelling from an airport which doesn’t then your best option is probably still going to be to give yourself plenty of time to get through security rather than risking getting stressed out by the process and leaving yourself on the flight side craving nicotine.

Switch to alternative measures for coping with your cravings.

Basically, you want some source of nicotine plus something to occupy your mouth and hands. You also want to avoid fresh food, as this is a huge no on many international flights (and breaking this rule can wind up very expensive).

Anti-smoking products such as nicotine gum and spray do tend to be safe bets. Alternatively, you could opt for patches and bring some other form of individually-wrapped, commercially-processed food item on which to snack.

Distract your mind

There are basically two approaches to distracting your mind from the thought of nicotine and you can use them both at different points in the flight. One approach is to keep your mind busy, really busy, as busy as it can be. Read a new book, watch a new film, do puzzle (catch up on work), basically just keep doing stuff to keep yourself occupied.

The other approach is to try deep relaxation. This may sound bizarre but it can be really effective and since you’re far from the only person facing this challenge, there are actually specific relaxation products (such as guided meditations) made to help smokers and vapers cope with their cravings.

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