Heavy Smokers could Kick Start a Healthier Lifestyle through Vaping

Cigarette burning out

By this point in time, nobody should be in any doubt whatsoever that smoking is bad for you, really bad for you, lethally bad for you. Even so, each year, new people take up the habit and once you start smoking, not only is it notoriously difficult to stop, but it is only too easy to increase your tobacco intake as your body develops a tolerance for nicotine.

Before you know it, you have turned into a heavy smoker, with all its attendant health risks. Fortunately, vaping now offers a way for heavy smokers to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

Smoking versus vaping – the issue of tar

The main benefit of vaping as compared to smoking is the fact that it literally eliminates the smoke and, in particular, it eliminates the tar it contains. This is a huge benefit to your lungs (and also makes you smell better to non-smokers).

It does not eliminate other health risks associated with nicotine use, which is why smokers are encouraged to use vaping as a bridge to giving up completely and non-smokers are encouraged to avoid it altogether.

Smoking versus vaping – the question of oral hygiene

Smoking is bad for your teeth. There are mountains of scientific evidence to support this assertion. There has been much less scientific research undertaken on vaping and its effects on oral hygiene, essentially because vaping only reached the mainstream in very recent years and scientists are still trying to work out exactly what it means for the human body.

Current research indicates that vaping does have a negative effect on oral hygiene for much the same reason as smoking does, namely that it encourages the build-up of harmful bacteria. Additionally, it has been established that certain eliquids, notably those which contain propylene glycol do have a tendency to trigger mouth dryness.

At a mild level, this can cause bad breath; more severe symptoms include mouth sores and tooth decay. The question of whether or not nicotine is a contributory factor in this is still being investigated, although in the case of heavy smokers looking to switch to vaping, it may be a moot point, since they will need to use nicotine products in any case, at least in the beginning, hopefully vaping will help them to give up smoking completely.

Smoking versus vaping – general health

The fact that vaping is much gentler on the respiratory system can offer both direct and indirect health benefits which may go some way to counterbalancing the fact that vaping does still carry many of the other health risks commonly associated with smoking.

In very simple terms, if you switch to vaping, your body will be able to clean itself from the inside and, specifically, get rid of all the smoke-related chemicals and debris, making it literally much easier for you to breathe and therefore for you to be able to exercise in a meaningful way.

While exercise will not cure all health ills (smoking-related or otherwise), it can certainly do a lot for the human body and, in particular, it can help to lower your risk of diabetes, which is especially common amongst smokers, possibly because their breathing issues may make it harder for them to exercise and hence makes it more likely that they will become obese.

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